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Public Sector Engagement

​​​​​​Strengthening awareness of CCSA's expertise, policy advice and research products among elected officials, key policy-makers, the substance abuse field and the public is crucial to addressing the harms associated with alcohol and drugs.

CCSA is uniquely positioned as the country's foremost authority on issues of substance use. Its legislated mandate, internationally recognized leadership and 25 years of accomplishment — coupled with its mutually supportive yet arms-length relationship with government — are central to CCSA's success.

Key public sector engagement activities include:

  • Advising federal parliamentarians and public service staff engaged with these issues;

  • Participating in parliamentary committees and caucuses on substance use matters;

  • Engaging with provincial and territorial governments;

  • Developing and nurturing relationships with the media;

  • Monitoring relevant legislative and regulatory initiatives at federal and provincial levels; and

  • Hosting Issues of Substance, CCSA's biennial conference for the addictions field, research community and public sector.

Presentations to Parliament include:

Additional Briefs and Analyses​