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Drug-impaired Driving Toolkit

​Driving while impaired by drugs has become comparable in seriousness to alcohol-impaired driving. CCSA’s Drug-Impaired Driving Toolkit contains timely and important resources for new drivers and those involved in drivers’ education.

One area of particular concern is the prevalence of driving after drug use among new and young drivers. CCSA reviewed current driving-related materials and identified a critical gap in information on drugs and driving. This toolkit was developed to address this issue. The toolkit includes content on:

  • The effects of different types of drugs on the body and driving;

  • The ability of law enforcement to detect drug-impaired drivers and take corresponding legal action;

  • The dangers of drug-impaired driving for young and new drivers.

It also includes impaired driving key messages for people living in rural and remote areas. These messages are informed by discussions with the governments of the Yukon and Northwest Territories.

The resources below are available for download. CCSA is always happy to receive feedback on the usefulness of our resources. Please feel free to email us: Please fill out the permission form if your organization would like to distribute, reproduce, modify or adapt this toolkit.

Drug-Impaired Driving Backgrounder PDFUse the Backgrounder to increase awareness about the effects of drugs on one’s ability to safely drive and to inform interventions
Facts about Drug-Impaired Driving​​PDFUse this document to share key facts and figures on drug-impaired driving
Drugs, Driving and Youth HighlightsPDFUse the Highlights to start a dialogue on drug-impaired driving with young or new drivers
Key Messages about Drug-Impaired DrivingPDFUse the Key Messages to guide interactions with young and new drivers on the issue of drug impaired driving
Test Your Knowledge on Drug-Impaired DrivingPDFUse the test in a classroom or course setting
Evaluation of Drug-Impaired Driving ToolkitPDFUse the form to evaluate the toolkit and submit the completed form to CCSA
Twitter Toolkit for Drug-Impaired Driving in CanadaWord Use the Twitter Toolkit to share CCSA’s drug-impaired driving resources with your stakeholders on social media
Drug-Impaired Driving: Know the Effects [infographic]PDFUse this infographic to promote the message that drug-impaired driving is dangerous
Effects of Drugs on the Body and Driving [handout]PDFUse this handout to spread the message that taking drugs has an effect on driving
Key Messages about Drug-Impaired Driving in Rural and Remote AreasPDFUse these key messages to guide interactions with people in remote and rural communities on the issue of drug impaired driving
Impaired is Impaired Poster (summer)PDFUse this poster to promote the message that impaired driving applies to all motorized vehicles, including boats and off-road vehicles
Impaired is Impaired Poster (winter)PDFUse this poster to promote the message that impaired driving applies to all motorized vehicles, including snowmobiles and off-road vehicles