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National Treatment Indicators

​​​​​​​​​Providing successful treatment requires reliable data to assist in the planning of effective treatments and services. The National Treatment Indicators (NTI) report is the only national, accessible source of information on publicly funded substance use treatment centres in Canada. The report analyses hospitalization data from ten jurisdictions across Canada supplied by the Canadian Institute for Health Information, as well as data from community withdrawal management services across seven jurisdictions.

In March 2019, CCSA released the seventh and current National Treatment Indicators Report. It features information from 2015–2016, and for the first time includes provincial data on withdrawal-related hospital admissions.

Key findings from the current report include:​

  • There were 46,405 community withdrawal management service events across seven provinces, and 11,751 withdrawal management hospitalizations for all jurisdictions, except Quebec.

  • Males use withdrawal management services more than females.

  • Individuals aged 25–34 most commonly accessed community services, whereas hospital services were widely used by individuals 45–54 years of age.

  • The values presented in this summary are an underestimate of service use as not all jurisdictions submitted data.​

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The NTI Working Group’s approach is filling an important information gap and encouraging consistency in the way data is reported.


CCSA is seeking new jurisdictions to build a comprehensive national picture.

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