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Prescription Drugs

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Canada is facing an urgent challenge to reduce the harms associated with psychoactive prescription drugs while ensuring people have timely and appropriate access to them for therapeutic reasons. These products include opioids, stimulants, sedatives and tranquillizers. Currently, Canadians are experiencing a surge of harms associated with opioids.

CCSA has developed care pathways to guide treatment for prescription drug harms.

Collective action to implement the First Do No Harm strategy

In 2013, CCSA launched the collaborative report, First Do No Harm: Responding to Canada's Prescription Drug Crisis. The report contains a 10-year pan-Canadian strategy lays out 58 recommendations across five areas:

  • Prevention

  • Education

  • Treatment

  • Monitoring and Surveillance

  • Enforcement

Additional recommendations are associated with legislation and regulation, research and evaluation.

The strategy continues to be led by the First Do No Harm Executive Councilproviding ongoing guidance in coordinating, implementing and evaluating the recommendations. The Executive Council has committed to coordinating efforts with CCSA to ensure the evolution of the strategy is cohesive with the work committed to in the Joint Statement of Action to Address the Opioid Crisis in Canada. View the Inventory of Guidelines on the Treatment of Harms Resulting from Prescription Drug Use created by the First Do No Harm implementation team.